T.I. Lifts Boycott on Houston’s Restaurant After Racial Issues Addressed


T.I. has gone from the negotiating table to the dinner table at Houston’s … because he believes there’s no need for a boycott anymore since the restaurant is no longer — as he alleged — racist.

Sources close to Tip tell us he’s had several meetings with execs of the Atlanta-area restaurant since October — when he first imposed the boycott … this after a number of African-Americans complained the chain was reluctant to seat them.

‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Mama Dee triggered the boycott back in October after she claimed she went to the Houston’s in Atlanta with a large party and they were refused service as they watched a large party of Caucasians being escorted to a table.

We’re told the restaurant assured T.I. there will be NO racial discrimination in seating customers. T.I. felt the dress code had the effect of discriminating against African-Americans, and the restaurant has assured him the code will be relaxed. 

Houston’s also agreed to bring more minorities into the restaurant’s business. 

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