Pitana: It’s an indescribable feeling

The match will feature two great teams in the shape of France and Croatia. What is your opinion of them?

HernanMaidana: They’re both big teams who have got where they are through hard work, through careful planning. They’ve earned it, they deserve it. And it’s a similar story for us. We’ve worked very hard to get where we are. Just as they’ve got their challenge, we’ve got ours. This team that we’ve built has a great opportunity. And doing a good job won’t be enough; we’ve got to do an excellent job.

Is there a special secret to planning for a World Cup Final?

Pitana: I don’t think so. We won’t change what we’ve been doing up until now. We’ll be very focused as always, that’s what has got us here.

Belatti: I wouldn’t say that we have superstitions, but we do have our own certain rituals and habits. We’ll stick to them because that’s how we are. Along the way we’ve always had our mate, our music and jokes to help us to let off steam. But also the odd hug, a word of encouragement, a quick glance that reminds us that we’re here for one another. That’s how we work and we’re not going to change it. We’re going to give everything we’ve been giving up until now and more, that little bit extra. But in terms of our preparations, we’ll carry on in the same vein.

We know that you really like music, as you mentioned recently. So right at this moment, what rhythm are your hearts beating to?

Pitana: I like all music, I can go from reggaeton all the way to something more classical. But at times like this, it’s a total mixture of rhythms. The happiness is so great that I can’t describe it. I’d say that the mixture is so big that we’d give rise to a new style that has never been heard before (laughs).

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