Chanel West Coast’s Green Room Requests Ain’t Too Wack


Chanel West Coast reached her boiling point with Charlamagne tha God, but she’s keeping things room temp, and VERY boozy at her Saturday night performance.

We got a copy of Chanel’s backstage demands for her opening gig at Ty Dolla Sign‘s show at The Pressroom in Phoenix. Pretty simple as celeb needs go — 73 on the thermostat and the following beverages: 

1 bottle of Patron

1 bottle of vodka

1 bottle of champagne

8  water bottles

6 sugar free Red Bulls

Mind you, she’s only doing a 30 minute set. That leaves lots of time to polish off the liquor, and not much food to soak it up. Chanel only wants 1 veggie platter and some pita with hummus. 

Charlamagne still might call it wack … sounds like a party to us.

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