Buletsa: We won as a team

First out of the dressing room after the game, the goalscorer was keen to reiterate his coach’s mantra.

“First off, I’d like to praise all of my team-mates,” he said. “We won as a team tonight. Our strengths are our togetherness and solidity. I’m very happy to have scored the goal, but really, it was the entire team that scored.”

Although this emphasis on collective efforts rather than individual talent may seem like a player simply toeing the party line, Ukraine’s fantastic run to the final of Poland 2019 is certainly proof that teamwork pays dividends.

Buletsa opened up a little more when asked about the jersey number he chooses to wear at the international level.

“I’ve always worn the No10 – ever since I started playing football when I was young,” he explained. “It’s something that gives me confidence, but it’s just a little psychological thing. I like Lionel Messi a lot; I’d love to reach his level.”

But wouldn’t that signify him being a star?

“If that happens one day, it’ll be because my fans and coaches look at me that way,” said Buletsa. “Not me.”

If Ukraine win the U-20 World Cup on Saturday, Buletsa may move one step closer to stardom.

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