MonthFebruary 2018

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan review – gawping at a psychopath

Lorenzo Gilyard is known as the Kansas City Strangler, convicted for murdering 13 women. Morgan says he wants to ‘work out the truth’. What do we learn? Nothing Piers Morgan’s last big television interview – with Donald Trump – attracted criticism and mockery. A bit unfairly, I think. Yes, he was friendly with his interviewee, but we knew that. Ultimately, he did get the interview though, and news lines came from it. Morgan might have used the limited time better talking about Russia, or North Korea. And he might have pressed more, and not used such a matey tone. But he did tackle Trump about retweeting far-right videos, women, climate change, guns and whether he had been invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding. God, I can’t believe I’m defending Piers Morgan. I don’t like him, I promise, but he is a good journalist. Related: Piers Morgan’s interview with Trump watched by fewer than BBC news Continue reading… [hmp_player]

Elvis Presley’s power, Tina Turner’s legs: musicians pick their biggest influences

Sade taught Jessie Ware quiet confidence, while Sly Stone helped Baxter Dury ‘make the unlikely into something rational’: some of our contemporary favourites salute the stars who had the most impact on them ● Guardian writers on the most influential artists in music today My greatest influence probably isn’t very evident in my music. Sly and the Family Stone, or more Sly, captured my imagination from the moment it was forced out of a giant pair of Tannoy speakers placed in our front living room. He was a handsome opportunist hippy who manipulated the times, but definitely changed the course of them. The music is soulful, subversive and sleazy, but beautifully arranged and played. It’s a theme park of unrelated ideas made logical by Sly’s magnificence. I learned so much about making the unlikely into something rational. Continue reading… [hmp_player]