MonthAugust 2017

Robert Pattinson, Dustin Diamond – and other unlikely Hollywood housemates

Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow, Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones – a surprising number of roommates have shared the laundry and the limelight Before he made millions as a brooding vampire, Robert Pattinson was a bit-part Hogwarts alumnus, fresh off the plane and in need of a bed and guiding light in Los Angeles. So who stepped up? Screech, AKA Dustin Diamond, the geek with the hair from 90s TV show Saved by the Bell. “I loved it. I really miss it,” Pattinson said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show of the time he and Diamond shared a flat. He added: “Dustin was the first person to introduce me to Hot Pockets!” Microwaved sandwiches? Hollywood hellraisers they were not. Continue reading… [hmp_player]

Would you pay $1 to find out how many other people have paid $1? A new website shows curiosity pays

Johan McCubbin’s site is the latest in a line of ridiculous but lucrative internet stunts, from the Million Dollar Homepage to the I Am Rich app Johan McCubbin has an offer for you: pay him $1 and he will tell you how many other people have paid him $1 to find out how many people have paid him $1. It is a stupid idea. It shouldn’t work. Who would pay? Yet, by the time his website crashed on Thursday night under the weight of interest, and PayPal limited his account due to “suspicious activity”, he had earned … well, that would be telling. But it is more money than anyone would have reasonably expected. Continue reading… [hmp_player]