MonthApril 2017

American Gods review – gorgeous gore for supernatural worshippers

The small screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel boasts a bewildering plot, sumptuous production, a surprising star – and scenes as memorable as ‘woman sucks entire man into her vagina’ The devilishly gorgeous American Gods (Amazon Prime) is an eight-part adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s much-loved 2001 novel, which tells the story of a modern world on the verge of a clash between deities old and new. Gaiman has said that, while many directors had called him about putting the story on screen, they told him it was “too long and too sprawling” to be a movie; but without the long and sprawling details, it wouldn’t be the same story. However, if there’s one thing television can offer that films cannot, it’s the space to be long and sprawling; with Gaiman on board as executive producer, the US network Starz has stepped up to the challenge, with Amazon picking it up for UK broadcast. American Gods would certainly have been an incomprehensible movie. As a TV show, it just about gets away with it. It’s an enticing visual feast, but, at this early stage, it’s also confusing and opaque, and there’s very little effort being made to explain what is going on. Those who have read the novel may be better equipped to work out why a giant woman is pulling a man into her vagina, but for viewers who have not, it’s bewildering. Continue reading… [hmp_player]